BB Cream Reviews

What is all the craze with BB creams?  Well I decided to get into the game.  You may be asking yourself what is BB cream?  BB is a product that treats, hydrates, primes, protects, and camouflage the skin.  Which in laymen’s term means it’s a product that has condensed 5 items into one.

I went out and tried Clinque, Smashbox and Dr. Brandt.  I have sensitive skin that is normal to dry and prone to breakouts.  What I found with each product listed above was they did not contain enough moisture.  Clinque sat in my pores as well as Dr. Brandt :( Smashbox was the winner!

How to apply:  Clean face of course :) Then add your moisturizer or serum and then apply the BB cream with your fingers smoothing the product in a downward stroke.  As you are downward stroking, pat/stipple the product.  The reason for stippling is that if your face has want the product not to build up in certain areas.  Further, the product dries quickly so downward stroking will help with streaks and build up on the face.

What I really liked about the BB creams is that I dont have to buy a foundation, sunscreen and powder separately which can add up.  Economically put together in one.

Good luck on finding the right BB cream for you!


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