Make Up Cleansing Oil

Sometimes cleansing lotions/soap don’t get deep enough to remove all the make up and other impurities that adhere to your face.  Currently, I use BB cream which dries to a powder like form on the face; and after a long day I want to remove every ounce of make up and want to do it the least abrasive way.

DHC cleansing oil is extremely gentle and its base is made of olive oil.  What I really like about this product is that it throughly removes, dirt, excess oil and even waterproof mascara.  Again, always do a spot test to make sure you are not allergic.

I always start small when buying something new so I bought the mini cleansing oil for only $5.50.  If you click on the image above it will bring you directly to their website.  An added bonus when you order from their website is they give you extensive options for (3) free samples.

How to apply:  You rub the oil in small circles around the face and then wash off with a wash cloth.  Apply a soothing cleanser to top it off.  And your done! Fresh clean skin!


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