Nail Trouble?

This year has taken a beating on my skin and nails for some odd reason.  My nails started to split.  I eat healthy and take a biotin supplement so I ruled out diet deficiencies.  One buzz in the make up industry was Nailtiques, Nail Tek and Duri. All three failed for me.  Keep in mind everyone is different and they may work for you.  One odd thing that did happen with Nailtiques was it turned my strong nails into weak nails with ridges.  I called their customer service line to find out what went wrong and I was told “if your sold the wrong item it can do that”.

It’s not easy navigating through all the marketing terms and what each product claims to do, it can also add up when trying several items.  My advice is to try and buy from places that have a good return policy.  If you buy from boutiques they usually have a strict policy and will not be able to return any nail care…something to think about.

I started doing more research and found that Nail Envy by OPI was indeed the best product for me.  It really does what it says and I saw results immediately. And by immediately, I mean within hours. That I didn’t expect.  The shine that it illuminates is off the chain.  A great product that does what it says it does…I am SO happy and hope you will be too!


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