Nail Care 101


  1. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning.  If you give it a chance you will find it provides a barrier  against any chemicals you come in contact with including water.
  2. Easy on the water.  Its easier said than done however, I try and lotion up immediately afterwards.  Water can act as a carrier for some products such as olive oil  Keep in mind your nails are porous so this will really help with the dry weather.
  3. A key to healthy and groomed nails is a weekly manicure.  This can be done at home or professionally..doesnt have to break the bank.  If you are unsure how to do a “at-home” mani, there are so many tutorials on the web to choose from.
  4. Gloves will help contain heat and moisture so if you’re braving the cold this winter it has many benefits.
  5. Treat yourself to a cuticle cream.  This will keep your cuticle hydrated and prevent tears.
  6. Include a cuticle oil.  The oil is applied not only on the cuticle and massaged right into the cuticle; you apply it under the nail.  Under the nail will promote nail growth.
  7. Diet.  Keeping a protein filled diet will assist with healthy nails, hair and skin.
  8. Base coats and top coasts are essential in keeping your nails healthy, chip free and nicely groomed.  Who wants yellow stained nails…not me.
  9. Apply a nail strengthener if needed..they really work.  Nail strengthener key ingredient are keratin protein which is what your nail is mostly made up of. The strengthener bonds the molecules in the nails together thus creating a strong nail. *Keep in mind when you stop using a nail strengthener you nail returns back to its original state.
  10. Chipped nail polish can cause peeling.  When your mani starts to go, immediately remove to nice clean nails.
  11. Always carry a spare nail file never know.

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