When to Buy

I always misplace those lists on when is the best month to buy which product? I thought I would share and if you have more you want to add, please email me.

  • January:  Winter Coats – the longer you wait the bigger the discount and Linens and Bedsheets; wait for the White Sale
  • February:  Cameras – new cameras come out so you can leverage last years models at a nice price.  TV’s are at an amazing discount during The Superbowl; superior to black Friday
  • March:  Perfume – After Valentines you can score a sweet deal
  • April: Sneakers – The countdown for summer season is ticking, sales give an incentive to hit the gym
  • May:  Sweaters and Cashmere – You may see as much of a 40% drop in price
  • June:  Men’s Suits – Pre and Post Father’s Day sales mean lower prices
  • July:  Make Up – Nordstrom aka Nordies has an annual sale and that includes make up
  • August:  Sandals – no brainer here..end of season sale and last year model cars, dealerships need to make room for the new
  • September:  Airfare – Eight weeks before Thanksgiving, prices start taking a dip
  • October: Jeans – Anything that didn’t sell during the “Back To School Sale” is now lower
  • November:  Bathing Suits – As much as 90% off for retailers are making room for holiday merchandise and left over candy from Halloween
  • December:  Bridal – slow season for the bridal industry

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