overnight-clearing-gelAs mentioned in previous post, I have sensitive skin and prone to breakouts.  I have tried medications, topicals all except Accutane.  Two products that are really helping my skin clear up is Dermalogica’s Overnight Clearing Gel and Clearing Skin Wash.

Both products contain low amount of salacylic acid which aids in clearing acne and getting into the pore so that it stays clean.  The way I apply these products is the following:

Overnight Clearing Gel:  Two days on and two days off.  Being sensitive I can dry out and therefore, need a break in between treatments.  During the other two days I am moisturizing at night with a topical spot treatment. Depending on how sensitive you are, you will have to gauge how many times a week is best for you.  If you are still breaking out, always contact your doctor.

Clearing Skin Wash:  I only use this when I am working out otherwise, I use Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel.  I work out in the early mornings and again the sweat and dirt can cause breakouts.  I  cleanse and then add my day moisturizer.

For me this regiment has shown immense improvements.  Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is so different and finding the right product for you is like playing Sherlock Holmes.  My recommendation when trying new products is to go and get samples.  You can find Dermalogica samples at their concept store or at high end beauty supply stores.  Here’s to beautiful skin!


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