Sunscreen Breakdown – Physical or Chemical? Which One Are You?

I am a person who layers their skin care and tops it off with a sunscreen before applying foundation. Whereas, I don’t want anything feeling heavy, sticky or greasy, it’s definitely a texture thing. Sunscreen is tricky for there are two types of broad spectrum sunscreens, one is physical and the other is chemical.

Physical sunscreens tend to be thicker for they contain Titanium dioxide.  Traditionally, physical sunscreens protect immediately upon application, no waiting period.  They sit on top of the dermis, protect your skin from the sun by deflecting or blocking the sun’s rays.

Chemical sunscreens are lighter in application; and some double up as a make up primer based  on the ingredients included.  Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun’s rays however, there is a waiting period from 15- 20 minutes.

I tried both, and what works for me when wearing make up is a sunscreen that doubles up as a make up primer.  I found that Laura Mercier foundation primer with a SPF of 30 does the trick. Dermatologist suggest never go below 30 and higher than 50 and always reapply.



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