Being a professional make up artist I was a bit skeptical on the “PINK SPONGE”.  I thought to myself “what makes this so special that I would want to spend $19.95?” For many years I have used the tradition triangle sponge, and as many of you know it soaks up the product.  The creator of the pink sponge, professionally known as the “BeautyBlender” got this right.


What really stood out was the shape of the sponge.  You have complete control and it ergonomically fits comfortably in your hand.  Another attribute is that this sponge makes it easy to stipple the product onto the skin with ease.  Personally, I like to start on the cheeks and forehead thereafter, conquer the eye and nose.  For all the sensitive people… the product is non-latex and hypoallergenic.  Which is a big plus for me, for I am in the sensitive club.

Even though the price is a bit steep, it’s worth every penny.  I have become a huge fan.  You can buy the product at your local Sephora.


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  1. I just got the purple one, I like it too.

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