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Multi Cleanser

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.  I wanted to post on a multi cleanser that has been doing right be me. Laneige Multi cleanser not only removes make up it also mildly exfoliates.  All you need to do is squeeze out a small pin size, add water and it lathers up to a healthy application. […]


That means I won’t bore you with what coconut oil can do for you..for that amazing tip is out. What I am going to do is clue you in on this exclusive japanese line that has been around for 32 years, preservative-free and is now in the United States.

Skin GYM Help

The weekends get busy and sometimes after a workout I am not able to shower immediately.  I do intense workouts and therefore, sweat.  I dont want to break out, so I went on the hunt on what product would be best to remove dirt, impurities and be gentle for I am sensitive. There was a […]

Make Up Cleansing Oil

Sometimes cleansing lotions/soap don’t get deep enough to remove all the make up and other impurities that adhere to your face.  Currently, I use BB cream which dries to a powder like form on the face; and after a long day I want to remove every ounce of make up and want to do it […]